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Welcome to Omelet Bar, your cozy spot for breakfast, lunch, and brunch, where community spirit meets culinary passion. Founded in 2017 by a proud UCF alum, we've quickly become a favorite for both locals and visitors, embodying the vibrant energy and sense of belonging associated with the University of Central Florida.


Our mission is simple: serve the community with a diverse menu that celebrates flavors, crafted with love and local ingredients. Perfect for students, professionals, and families, we're all about starting your day right and keeping it going with meals that matter.


We're more than a restaurant; we're a community hub where friendships and family ties strengthen over meals. Dedicated to local sourcing, we support small businesses and farmers, ensuring your food is not only delicious but also makes a positive impact. Join us for great food, community events, and the chance to be part of something bigger, one tasty bite at a time.



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